Hairdressing Services

The quality of our services is supported by vast experience and continuous improving since 1997. Except of everyday hairdressing we produce hair-styling for formal and any special occasion. Our offer includes various colors to dye your hair, such as:

classic dark
semi-permanent based on yogurt
Nayo colour was recognized in Bologna as the world best colour in 2018. It is designed for extra sensitive scalp. It does not contain ammonia, it is without scent and easy to dye.
various products for shades and highlights

Choose your hair color carefully! Your hair will be grateful.


The first professional biological hear treatment line to be honoured with COSMOS ORGANIC certificate.

The hair treated with ACTYVABIO products is shiny and soft and in comparison with traditional cosmetics, it becomes loose, lighter and healthy looking. The main components are four plants having relaxing and caring characteristics: mullein (verbascum), immortelle, flax and yellow chamomile.

We can offer you a DETOX hair treatment deriving from the ACTYVABIO line. This treatment will help you get rid of so called “build up effect” i. e. layers of impurity particles which are settled on your hair regardless the fact that it is regularly washed. “Build up effect” comes from residues of wax, silicone and oils which can be found in different hair treatment products. ACTYIVABIO detoxification applied at our hairdresser’s will drastically reduce the effect mentioned, after applying it only once. The products will clean your hair in a tender but efficient way and at the same time their caring and soothing components with antioxidant effect will help return your scalp in its natural balance.

In our studio you can buy the products for application at home and they are: shampoo, mask, hair conditioner, shower gel and body milk. This product line is gentle enough to be used for babies’ care as well.

Natural. Biological. Sustainable.


The beauty of colour is in strict connection with the hair health. Only healthy and protected hair is capable of reflecting the shine, intensity and duration which is expected from cosmetic hair colouring.

ACTYVA offers COLORE BRILLANTE line which is meant for the treatment of dyed hair and it was made to intensify shine and lasting colour after each hair wash. The main ingredients are blueberry extract and mascara cherry stone extract.

COLORE BRILANTE SHAMPOO - protects the colour from oxidation and influence of outdoor weather conditions. The hair becomes soft again, shiny and equalized.
COLORE BRILANTE MASK - enders intensive protection of dyed and sensitive hair. It helps to keep the colour and shine steady.
COLORE BRILANTE CREAM - for quick protection of dyed hair. It makes the colour of hair equalized and shiny.

We can also offer the COLORE BRILLANTE professional products to use at home.


Designed to treat curly hair

The rebellious nature of curly hair makes hair treatment quite difficult. Hair is often without shine and rough, it gets messy easily and quickly becomes shapeless, especially when the air is humid.

The professional products from ACTYVA DISCIPLINA line enable to comb the hair quickly and it becomes entirely pliable from root to top. You can easily create shiny waves, shape soft and flexible curls with long lasting “anti-frizz” effect or keep the hair straight. The main components are almond and peach oil.

You can buy the products of ACTYVA DISCIPLINA line in BLOND and use them at home and they are:

DISCIPLINA SHAMPOO -respects natural balance, hydrates and relaxes the hair and makes it silky and pliable for shaping.
DISCIPLINA MASK - nourishes and gets the hair “disciplined”. It softens, uniforms and relaxes the hair and makes it ready for coiffure.
DISCIPLINA RELAX FLUID - makes combing easy and allows the effect of perfectly straight hair. It gives an extreme shine and silkiness to the hair and ensures long lasting protection from humidity.
DISCIPLINA CURLY CREAM - designed to “discipline” and shape the hair. It is ideal to be dried by a diffusive hair drier. Gives an “anti-frizz” effect and makes the treatment of curls easier.


treatment is designed for hair without shine, rough hair, electrified hair, difficult to comb and shape. Such hair is lacking in flexibility and becomes fragile.

Hair is either naturally dry or becomes dry due to surrounding conditions and personal habits.

Anyhow, it is possible to obtain softness and shine for dry hair by regular usage of products which are capable to reestablish natural nourishing balance and make dry hair soft again, shiny and easy to comb.

ACTYVA has produced NUTRIZIONE RICCA line designed for dry hair and has found synergy between technologically advanced components and active, entirely natural substances which give dry hair its nutritive balance. Lipids from olive oil and proteins from oat are crucial components of these products.

Relax with NUTRIZIONE RICCA treatment and enjoy your pleasant scalp massage!

You can buy professional NUTRIZIONE RICA products in our studio and use them at home:

NUTRIZIONE RICCA SHAMPOO - tenderly cleans your hair and respects natural balance of your skin. Nourishes and protects your hair and gives it softness and shine.
NUTRIZIONE RICCA MASKA - designed for the first step in nourishing dry or sensitive hair. It gives shine, softness and control over hair volume.
NUTRIZIONE INSTANTANEA CREAM - designed to nourish the hair instantly. Makes combing easier, gives softness and long lasting protection from drying. It is not to be rinsed!


The treatment intended for sensible, damaged and lifeless hair where there is necessary to reestablish hair volume, strength, vitality and beauty.

The power of recovering the quality of hair is possible thanks to exclusive component called BOND CREATOR COMPLEX (BCC) which is capable to reconstruct the bonds inside the hair repairing physical, mechanical and chemical damages.

NUOVA FIBRA TREATMENT proved to be the best choice for bleached hair (either completely bleached or where only the highlights are applied)

You can find NUOVA FIBRA products for home usage in our salon!


The change of habits, stress, exertion, aggressive outdoor influence, hormonal and metabolic problems are factors which have lately resulted in increased number of persons affected by hair loss problem.

ACTYVA responded to this anomaly with P-FACTOR.

It is a system composed of three phases – cleaning, regeneration and prevention from baldness, fighting against negative effects of free radicals and keeping hair healthy.

There are two different treatments to suit both men and women:


We can offer professional P-FACTOR products for your home usage thus helping you to solve the problem of hair loss in a quick and best possible way.


Removes impurities, soothes and refreshes ensuring immediate effect.

This treatment has a peeling effect with micro particles of rice bran, natural extracts and etheric oils.

It removes impurities and provokes the feeling of purity and freshness.

There are PUREZZA G and PUREZZA S treatments depending on the type of scalp - dry or greasy. It is possible to experience again the feeling of healthy scalp thanks to this relaxing treatment.

The main components are: extracts of horsetail (equisetum), green tea, peppermint, melissa, horse-chestnut as well as etheric oils of cypress, lavender and myrtle.

Professional products are available for usage at home as to prolong the effects of this treatment.