About Us


Founded in 1997.

HAIR / BEAUTY Studio Blond was founded in 1997 and from that date on we have been a leading studio in introducing new trends.




Our staff is educated and trained with a number of world famous academies. We would like to point out seven grades of geometrical haircut, various trainings in London and Milan as well as trainings with 4Look Academy (colouring, communication, formal coiffures and much more).


Products of the highest quality

We use only highly professional and quality products for both hair caring and cosmetic services. These same products can also be bought in our studio as to enable our clients to keep using them at home.

Pleasant atmosphere

Kind personnel will attend to provide for your good feelings at all times and will try to make each of your following visit to be a new remarkable experience.


Total services

Studio Blond is in the position to render complete service package including skin and hair care and a number of massage types.

We have round-the-clock working hours so that you can reserve the time for your visit that suits you best.



Be special in every occasion

Feel beautiful and content. Only the person with such a feeling is fulfilled and self-confident.

Let us be the ones to help you take the first step towards your transformation into the person you deserve to be.