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Every woman dreams about being gifted with beautiful, long and voluminous eyelashes. The life time of an eyelash is about a month and then it falls off. Each eyelash separately follows such a natural cycle. Artificial eyelash is glued to the natural one to obtain volume and length, meaning that the artificial eyelash will last as long as the natural eyelash lasts. This is the reason why the eyelashes extensions have to be supplemented every 2 - 4 weeks if we want them to look nice. Extended eyelashes must not be in contact with water for 12 hours after they had been fixed.

Everyday care is simple. It demands only to comb the eyelashes with a little comb and wash them with a baby shampoo. Preparations containing oil must not be applied as to prevent the glue to dissolve. It it not advisable to apply the mascara. You have already got your “wow” effect. We started doing eyelash extensions back in 2013 so we are very skillful and experienced.

The procedure of fixing the extensions takes about 1.5 hour.

We are also working also with voluminous eyelashes known also as RUSSIAN VOLUME. These eyelashes are designed for clients who prefer to get even more impressive effect. Application of such extensions takes longer than the application of the classic type, but their life time is longer and depends on the density of the natural eyelashes.

The procedure of fixing this type of extensions takes up to 3 hours.



This is the ancient Indian method of removing unwanted hair in entirely natural way using a thread. The method is free of allergic reactions, the hair does not break but it is pulled out from the root even when the waxing method fails. The skin remains intact and free of irritation. Threading is the most precise method of hair removal. Silk thread is used covered by antibacterial coating to prevent possible infection. The thread gently approaches the skin which remains intact. This method is used exclusively to remove the unwanted hair within the face area.


Natural ingredients sugar, honey and lemon and cold application are ideal for sensitive skin. The sugar paste prevents skin irritation, hair curving back into the skin and inflammation of follicle. The paste tends to adhere only to the hair, not to the skin and that makes the treatment less painful and in the same time provokes a gentle peeling and enables dry and dead skin cells to be removed. The hairs grow slowly and gradually become thinned. We usually use the sugar paste to make a Brazilian depilation, bikini area and armpit zone.


For a long time now, depilation is considered to be more than a beauty treatment; it is a part of personal hygiene. Every woman would like to have smooth, gentle, velvety skin without hair and therefore they do depilation. The most requested method is wax depilation; it is also the quickest method. We apply wax depilation on legs, arms and bikini zone.


It is designed for those clients who would like to emphasize their eyebrow line or those who are not satisfied with their natural eyebrow shape. In accordance with client’s wishes, we draw the shape you want and choose the colour corresponding to the natural hair colour.

Microblading is a technique used to enhance and reshape the eyebrow and remove natural imperfection. The procedure is performed in two phases. At client’s first visit only wanted shape is drawn and at the second visit the eyebrows are additionally adapted to meet the client’s requirement.

The stability and permanence of microblading effects mainly depend on client’s skin. Some will last for a year, the other for two years or more. It is important to point out that we use pigments of highest quality which do not essentially fade with time.

During the procedure we use an anesthetic cream to avoid possible pain or unpleasant feeling.

Not a drop of blood will appear, therefore any scab will be seen afterwards.

Let your eyebrows add new beauty to your face!


It is a face care treatment for gentle ad controlled removal of dead cells from the skin surface in this stimulate the skin to produce new collagen, which then results in renewed tonus and skin texture.

Reduces small wrinkles, repairs small scars, diminishes widened pores, returns freshness to your complexion.

The treatment is pleasant and completely painless without irritation or unpleasant feeling.

This treatment can be completed with peeling, application of nourishing serum, mask, relaxing massage and final skin care. The effect of microdermabrasion can be seen immediately after the first treatment.

The best possible result is achieved after 3 - 5 treatments.


Chemical peeling is suitable to treat scars caused by acne, shallow wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, keratosis and rosacea.

The removal of the old cells stimulates the growth of the new cells and skin becomes radiant, healthier and more beautiful.

We use the newest chemical peeling substances of well-known Diego Dalla Palma firm which gives innovative and precise regeneration and evident result without negative side-effects or inflammatory processes.



Moisturizing treatment renews and refreshes the skin and gives firmness to dry and dehydrated skin.

The target is: to keep the optimal hydration of skin; slow down the aging signs; smoothen unpleasant tension caused by skin dryness . moisturize and firm the skin, and also revitalize it and make it look younger.

For who is it designed for?: For all those aged 25 and older; for those having dry and/or dehydrated skin and unpleasant feeling of tension caused by it, for those whose skin tends to become wrinkly as well as for anyone exposed to outdoor influences (sun, wind, cold…). Here is a special formula to reduce first wrinkles.

This treatment too is signed by Diego Dalla Palma brand.

Spare 45 minutes for this treatment!

When?: Once a week and continue so for four weeks


Black carbon well known after its capability of cleansing and detoxification in addition to black berries, cranberries, goji berries and edelweiss - they all work for the benefit of your skin.

Years of exploring and intensive work resulted in a formula designed to slow down the aging and repair the skin exposed to outside influences with the help of entirely natural components (black berries, edelweiss, goji berries, cranberries…) and a number of skin care preparations.

Cleansing, firming, regeneration, detox and protection for your complexion.


Paraffin bath is a treatment intended in the first place to treat dry and dehydrated skin. Combined with good peeling and mask it provokes deep hydration and circulation; paraffin alone is a hot oil based on wax with excellent thermal therapeutic characteristics. Besides its nourishing effects it also helps to sooth pains in arms and legs.

It is the best to combine it with pedicure and manicure.



Classic massage is excellent way to get relaxed and recover your energy.

It has proven to be very efficient in reducing pain, improving circulation, metabolism, detoxification, softening tissue and having anti stress effect.


It is suitable for those who train or exercise because it speeds up the process of muscular tissue regeneration and improves circulation.

Techniques are designed to warm up and soften the muscular tissue and to straighten the tissue fibers. Ideal for athletes.


Immortelle is originally a Mediterranean plant. Its anti-aging effect is well known.

Helps to regenerate the tissue, acts antiseptically and purifies the skin.


Effective in giving tonus and obtaining better skin firmness and shine, improves circulation.

It is evident that after several treatments the dimpled skin areas (or “orange peel effect”) turn for the better.


The best way to make your skin shinny and soft again is to apply a body peeling.

The skin will become smooth and soft, the dead cells will be removed and regeneration will be stimulated.

The results will be healthier and better looking skin.

It is also possible to combine peeling with massage treatments.

MADEROTHERAPY (usage of wooden rollers)

The massage stimulates lymph system performing even and rhythmic movements in one direction towards the lymph nodules. Such a treatment helps to activate metabolism and enables the body to get rid of excessive liquid and toxin.

In the course of this treatment special wooden rollers are used which enable intensive pressure on the areas infected by cellulite in order to break the cellulite nodules and remove them together with fats and toxins from the body. Free of toxins the metabolism becomes more active and fat cells gradually disappear. The shape of body begins to change for the better.

It is recommended to drink as much water as possible in order to get rid of fats and toxins and contribute to a successful issue of maderotherapy treatment.

Body measures are taken before and after the treatment. The result will be surprising.

It is advisable to take at least 10 treatments.


Vacuslim 48 is a new highly professional method of shaping the body, to eliminate cellulite and make the skin look better. The result of elimination of excessive fat is evident always and immediately.

Already after the first Vacuslim 48 treatment an immediate change of body measures can be seen, skin tonus and look are excellent, the client feels relieved thanks to elimination of excessive water. It is an excellent choice combined with maderotherapy.

We have prepared products you can buy and use at home, to enhance the treatment.

5-10 treatments are recommended.


Relaxing treatment starts with back peeling using sugar and gentle massage as long as the sugar gets melted.

Once the peeling is wiped up a hydration mask is applied and spread with long, gentle motions using a body brush.

After 10 minutes a nourishing massage cream is applied and then, of course, some more massage follows…

It takes 30 minutes to complete the treatment.


After having attended to one more training course we are able to offer a treatment designed for clients experiencing the problem of fragile and cracked nails.

The treatment helps to join the damaged parts of nail and strengthen the nail. It is ideal for both natural nails and those treated with permanent nail-polish.

It protects and strengthens the nails.


Japanese manicure it the best treatment for the clients who want their nails to look naturally, to strengthen fragile natural nails or repose the nails after permanent nail-polish or gel.

We use extra nutritive and natural substances, free of artificial colours (vitamins A, E, H, Provitamin B5, Keratin, Diatomaceous earth (known also as flinty earth), beeswax, lanolin) to take care of natural nails and give them healthy look and glow.